Dental SEO


If you want potential patients to find your dental practice online, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important dental marketing strategies.   

Focus On Google Maps

The #1 place to be found online by patients is the Google map. Optimizing for the Google map is called local SEO. Local dental SEO is the primary focus in our Google Maps SEO service. Higher rankings in Google maps will generate more new patient phone calls.  

Custom Content

Without new and original content being posted to your website, Google My Business account and directories you will not be able to outrank your competition. Original content is a basic requirement for great SEO and is needed to rank higher in search results.

Results Driven

We understand how difficult it is to make a dollar. This is why we are transparent with you and your team. There is no wasted investment when working with Local Dental Marketing. Our always-live reporting will easily justify your marketing investment. 

The Best SEO for Dentists

What’s included in our dental SEO service.

Dedicated SEO Team

In our Google Maps SEO service your dental practice will be assigned a dedicated SEO expert. This SEO expert will set up, manage, and report on your Google Maps SEO campaign. 

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business is your dental practice’s listing in the Google database. This is the account that shows up in the Google map. When we optimize your GMB listing, you’ll get more phone calls. 

Website Updates & Edits

The strength of your website supports your Google Maps SEO campaign.  We actively keep your site healthy by cleaning up and fixing errors on your site. Run A Health Report to see where you stand currently.

Link Building & Directories

An inbound link to your Google My Business account, website, or social media accounts are like votes of confidence. The more links you have the better.  We build hundreds of new links in the Google Maps SEO service.

Custom Content Creation

Google awards dental practices that post new and custom content to their online accounts with higher rankings. This is why we post new content to your Google My Business account several times per month. 

Success Reporting

Reporting does not have to be difficult. All it needs to do is show how many more people are finding your practice online, how many click to your website, and how many call the office received from the campaign.  

marketing for dentists and orthodontists

Dedicated SEO Expert at Your Fingertips

Your new SEO expert will will be an extension of your dental practice. SEO will not be mysterious or difficult to understand. With your dental SEO assistant helping out you’ll watch the campaign develop and produce more new patient phone calls.

With proactive reporting calls from your SEO expert, you’ll measure how many more people in your community find your practice, ask for directions to your office and call to schedule.

If you ever have a question or would like to make changes to the digital SEO marketing campaign, you can reach out at any time to speak with your SEO expert.

Backing up your new dental practice SEO expert is a team of marketing geniuses. A project manager, copywriting team, graphic designers, website developers and SEO strategists are there to support and help the campaign succeed.


Attracting the Right Kind of Patients with Dental SEO

One benefit to local SEO and optimizing your practices Google My Business account is that you can target a specific type of patient or dental service.

Because we approach dental SEO from the aspect of Google maps optimization we’re able to target more effectively. We measure rankings in Google maps as the primary indicator of how to run the marketing campaign. This gives our team of SEO experts clear tasks that will improve Google maps rankings.

Maybe there is a specific neighborhood you’re looking to rank in, or possible a specific service that you want your community to know about? Let your new SEO expert know we’ll optimize the dental SEO campaign accordingly.

Your dental SEO strategy should focus on where potential patients are actually looking, which is in the Google map. So, focus on ranking your Google My Business account with Google Maps SEO and get ready for more phone calls.


marketing for dentists and orthodontists
marketing for dentists and orthodontists

Work with a Team of Talented SEO Ninjas

Only blackbelts here… blackbelts in SEO that is. Search engine optimization for dentists requires constant analysis and adjustment to the marketing campaign in order to maximize the time and effort invested. .

Some dental marketing agencies automate their processes in order to create efficiencies, unfortunately there aren’t any successful SEO strategies that can be automated.

SEO requires eyeballs on the campaign all of the time. With your SEO expert as your point of contact you’ll be confident in how the campaign develops over time. Backing up your SEO consultant is an entire team os SEO experts that helps to manage the campaign. It’s kind of like having an entire marketing team at your fingertips.

Lean on the experts at Local Dental Marketing to help your practice grow and thrive in the Google map.


What Clients Are Saying

“Our practice has doubled our new patients phone calls. I highly recommend their Google Maps SEO service to anyone.”

Dr. Valerie Preston

Dentist, VP Dental

“We signed up for Google Maps SEO and our practice started seeing a significant uptick in new patient phone calls. I love this service.”

Connie Billerman

Manager, HH Hancock Endo

“From the first conversation to the last, we’ve felt taken care of the entire way”

Josh Prigmore

Business Manager, Ash & Roberts DDS

Most Asked Questions


What is local dental SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a digital marketing tactic that helps your website and other online assets rank higher in search results. Local dental SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on helping a dental practice rank higher in a local area. One of the most important aspects of local SEO for a dentist is ranking in the Google Map-3 Pack. These are the top three listings in the Google map on the main search result page and those three listings receive more than half of all phone calls, clicks and engagement from a potential patient. 

Is SEO for dentists necessary to find patients online?

The strategies in local SEO help a dental practice to rank higher in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search directories. These search engines and directories are where most patients look online for a local dentist. If a dental practice is not ranking well in search results then they are missing out on the majority of online new patient opportunities. If a dental practice is establishing itself and accepting new patients, local dental SEO should be part of thieir digital dental marketing strategy. 

How long does SEO for dentists take to get to number #1?

In our experience getting to a number one position in the Google map can take anywhere between 3-12 months. The difference in the timeline is related to how well the practice is ranking when the dental marketing campaign begins, which keywrod the practice is attempting to rank for, and the competition of other detnal practices in the area. 

How much does dental SEO cost?

Dental SEO costs range from $500 per month up to $3,000 per month depending on several factors; the competition from other dental practices in the area, how many keywords the dental practice is wanting to rank for, the competition for certain keywords, the status of the dental practice’s current dental SEO, the SEO strength of the practice website,  and the strength of the practice’s Google My Business account. 

Let Us Help

Which of your competitors is outranking you in Google Maps?

Allow us to run a Google Maps Ranking Report. It will show you exactly where you rank in the Google map, how high, and which practice in your community is receiving the most new patient phone calls.