Dental Reputation Management


Put patient acquisition on autopilot.  From best reputation management practices to software that will help to convert, you’ll have everything you need to start build your reputation and convert potential patients to scheduled patients.


Google reviews are worth more than their wieght in gold. The more you have the more new patient phone calls you get. Let us help you acquire hundreds of new Google reviews through our simple automated app.

Reputation MGMT

A great online reputation includes three things, lots of 5 star reviews, tons of directory listings and the ability to monitor patient sentiment in real time. See our Patient Conversations Inbox.


Real time conversations with potential patients through live chat, Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, and texting is one of the best ways to keep your reputation clean. Get our Patient Conversations Inbox now.

Dental Reputation Management Increasing Patient Acquisition


Automatic Google Reviews

Be the obvious choice among all the dental practices in your area. You will stand out from the crowd when your reputation is improved through collecting hundreds of new 5 star reviews. 

Live Chat & Chatbot

Live chat on your website will grow your patient database and increase conversions. Remember that every scheduled new patient began with a simple conversation. Allow web chat to increase conversations and build trust.

Listings Clean up

Rank higher online and in all the places that potential patients are seeking for a local dentist. We’ll manage, update and create hundreds of new listings including the big ones, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Healthgrades and more.

Surveys & Referrals

Send low friction custom surveys and referral requests to your best patients. Then allow our AI to find patient trends and sentiment which your team can use to improve processes and patient experience.

Patient Messaging

Connect with your patient database in real time using the medium they prefer, text. Send appointment reminders, reschedule requests, surveys, referrals, and reviews all through text. 

Virtual Consults and Video Chat

Allow patients to connect with you and provide them with the possibilites for improving their smile without leaving your home.  Increase case acceptance through Hipaa compliant, on-demand and live virtual consults. 

The Number One Way To Get More New Patients

Google reviews are the strongest social proof statement that you can build online. Not only do Google reviews significantly increase new patient phone calls, they also improve your Google rankings. 

You need a simple process to help you acquire more 5 star reviews than your competitors.  Our integrated software leverages deep linking technology to streamline the review aggregation process.

Integrations with website will allow you to share your new 5 star reviews across the web increasing positive awareness about your practice. 


Increase Patient Conversions With Live Chat 

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition.  Live chat has the highest satisfaction rates for patient communication channels. Improve your patient satisfaction rates by giving them a tool they prefer.

Live chat provides patients with an opportunity to gather information at the very moment they are looking for a solution. What better time to start a conversation than at that moment. 

Live chat builds rapport, improves patient experience, reduces repetition, and drops customer service costs.




Streamline A Save With Patient Conversation Inbox

Stay on top of all real time conversations, messaging, texting, web chat, chat bots, survey responses, and referral requests through a single communication inbox. This drops the time investment into jumping around online channels.  Conversations in real time are short, to the point, and reduce wasted time on the phone. Give your team the ability to shift from one-to-one conversations to one-to-many conversations. 

There is no better way to manage your reputation than in real time. Real time conversations allow you to recognize unhappy patients and solve the problem before they blow up. This is one of the best ways to catch potential negative reviews. 


Listings, Directories and Link Building Increases Reputation 

Being able to be found online involves SEO strategies. A fundamental task in online reputation is being listed in the search engines and directories that your patients are using to find a local dentist. 

We find, update and create listings fro your practice increasing awareness. This also builds links from national and local directories to your website and Google My Business account, which helps to improve the rankings in search engines. 

Check to see which listings you need and also which ones are incorrect.



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get more Google reviews?

As the old saying goes, if you don’t ask you don’t get, you need to have a process in place to request reviews from your patients. If you don’t then the reviews you do get are usually not good. This is unfortunate because almost all dental practices have hundreds of happy patients to one that is unhappy. And let’s be honest, usually unhappy patients are simply unhappy people. To get more reviews you can ask in two ways, manually or automated. In a manual process you ask a patients for a review and send them a text with a link to your Google My Business account. This allows you to target the best patients but requires some extra time to do so. The automated way requires software that integrates with your patient management system. When a patient check ins, our software receives a notification and it sends the patient a delayed review request. 

Do Google reviews help my dental practice SEO?

Yes. Acquiring more Google reviews will help your Google My Business account rank higher in the Google maps results. But, from our research it’s less than 5% of the algorithm. So, it helps but not that much. More importantly than ranking higher, you’ll be chosen more often. 

What is the best way to improve my online dental reputation?

Get more Google reviews! 90% of all online searches are performed through Google. Of those searches 46% are local searches, which means that the Google map is in the search result. And, your Google reviews are displayed next to your Google maps listing. If you have more reviews than your competitors you’ll increase awareness by being the obvious choice in the Google map. 

How much does dental reputation management cost?

Depending on the software and support that is provided most practices will invest around $100 – $300 per month. Among the services involved in reputation management are Google review software and training; messaging and texting software, web chat software, listing and directory cleanup and training. 

Let’s Work Together

Allow our team of amazing marketing consultants set up a plan specifically for your practice. Whether you need  a single solution like acquiring more Google reviews, web chat, or an entire reputation management campaign, we have a solution for you.