Dental Social Media Marketing


Social media for dentists and dental professionals is an effective dental marketing strategy with our creativity, support, management and years as a social media marketing dental company.

Social Media Ideas

Social media helps a dental practice to brand themselves within their community. Great dental social media marketing campaigns focus on creative content, consistency and transparency. Our social media consultants help setup, train and manage successful dental social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management

The constant feed of engaging content delivered by our creative team sends social media signals to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines that you are relevant, in business and the best option for potential patients. The stronger your social media campaign is, the stronger your SEO rankings become. 

Social Media Success

iSuccess in social media is measured through analytics in your practice’s Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts. As impressions, followers, engagement, direct messages go up, you’ll see new patient phone calls increase as well. There is no doubt that social media attracts new patients

Why Dental Practices Choose Us

We are a dental specific digital marketing agency. Because all our time has been spent in the dental industry our services are laser focused on providing successful and measurable results.  

Social Media Ideas for Dentists

Social Media has a way of branding a practice that no other dental marketing initiative has. Building trust with your community is achievable    

Social Media Web Integration

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Measuring Social Media Success

Your social media consultant will help you though the thick and thin in a successful social media campaign and report on your success

Creative Content Strategy

Social media is only as effective as the audience finds your content interesting. Let us guide your content creation through our engagement materials, daily delivered digital ideas and support from our amazing social media marketing team. 

Success Through Consistency

Successful social media campaigns involve many moving parts, which becomes difficult for dental teams to manage and stay consistent. Our strategy palnning makes social media success simple and effective. 

Trending Social Media Ideas

Trendind ideas have to be jumped on quickly in order for them to receive necessary engagement from your community. Our creative team is on the lookout for trending ideas and your consultant helps you to implement them. 

Our Talented Dental Social Media Gurus will Lead You to Success!

We’ve helped to create and manage more than 5,000 dental practice social media campaigns. We understand the pitfalls and frustrations that come with managing social media. Some practices simply don’t have the time and others may have time but not sure if their social media campaign is moving the needle.

Our creative team of social media gurus will step in and help where ever you need them to step in. Maybe you just need your internal marketing manager to be trained on the best social media strategies. Or possibly, you need someone to take over, run the entire campaign and report on progress.

Whatever your practice situation is, we have a solution for you. Allow us to listen and find a solution for you. 

A great place to start is to take this social media assessment. Based on your responses the assessment will suggest specific ways to improve your dental social media marketing campaign.

marketing for dentists
marketing for dentists and orthodontists

The World’s Largest Dental Content Library

Our partner company My Social Practice helps with providing the software and tools needed to run a successful dental social media marekting campaign.

Manage multiple social media accounts, connect with your patients and community and grow your dental practice with the right kind of new patients.

Manage all of your dental practices social network’s in a convienient publishing dashboard. Save hours of valuable time by scheduling out content.

Access multiple types of content from dental meme’s, Instagram caption ideas, gifs, printables, hundreds of blogs, Facebook posts, contest ideas and long form social media posts. With our quick click software in a matter of seconds you’ll sort, identify, and post the content to multiple accounts at once.



Hipaa Compliant Photo Sharing & Photobooth App

One of the most sharable types of content to post on social media are posts about your patients. According to many consumer studies, real patient testimonials are just as strong as word of mouth referrals.

After you’ve taken a patient photo our Hipaa compliant texting software instantly obtain a digital photo release. The patient signs with their finger and viola, the photo is saved to your content library. You’ll never have to worry about Hipaa compliant photo’s again.

Your social media consultant will help set everything up in a quick and powerful training call. Don’t

marketing for dentists and orthodontists
marketing for dentists and orthodontists

Trending Content and The Right Tools

You have to jump on social media trends when they’re hot. This is why we publish trending ideas inside of your content library. But you’re still not alone. We’ll explain how to executer the idea and even provide the tools necessary.

In addition, My Social Practice will ship out a social media ideas box every two months along with a content calendar. You’ll never have to think about what to post again.

Your social media consultant will be there holding your hand the entire way. Whenever you need help, have a question or need some guidance, simply give them a call.


Our Methodology and How You Succeed

We believe that every dental practice is unique and requires a social media campaign that can effectively deliver the tone and practice culture in order to find new patients.

Our creative team and social media consultants will listen carefully to your goals and help you define your brand message. 

When you become a client of Local Dental Marketing and My Social Practice you’ll be treated like family. There is no limit to the amount of time we’ll spend to make sure that your social media marketing campaign is working properly and acheiving success.

Social Media Gurus

Lean on or expertice to deliver qualified new patients. 

Content Creation

Easy and original content ideas, with support to boot!

Creative Design

Our design team delivers tools and resources for success.


Software and apps to streamline social media management.

Let’s Work Together

Allow us to help you grow through a successful social media marketing campaign. Whether you need ideas, training or full management, we have a solution specifically for your dental practice.